*Downsizing or Retiring from Your Home or Business

*Need to Sell Due to Parent or Child Needs

*Job Relocation

*Health Changes

*Purchasing Another Property

*Debt Reduction


*Settling an Estate or Partnership Dissolution

Our Goal - To get your property sold and closed in 90 days or less

Our Fee - At Hagen Realty Group, we provide communication, marketing and commitment to sell your property in 90 days or less while only charging a 3% marketing fee to the seller.

Our Guarantee - Our Two Plus Offers Program guarantees 

  1. You Sign Only a 90 Day Listing
  2. A Detailed, Personalized and Customized Marketing Campaign to Advertise Your Property
  3. We Only Charge the Seller a 3% Marketing Fee
  4. No Sale - No Fee!
  5. Communication - Written Weekly Updates by Email 

As you can see, we are not in the Listing Business.  We are in the Selling Business!  Instead of making you empty promises, we give you a written guarantee of our performance.  Hagen Realty Group is not trying to buy your property for pennies on the dollar like many realtors who advertise "We'll sell your property or we'll buy it" with "subject to special terms" in small print.  We sell your property for you for the most money possible in the shortest amount of time.

Why Hagen - Our team focuses on a high impact marketing campaign, utilizing a competitive bidding platform which generates offers and getting your property SOLD with terms that will net you top dollar for your property!

Two Plus Offers is a service offered by Hagen Realty Group that meets the needs of sellers who are motivated to sell their property in a quick timeframe and are not interested in signing a six month listing agreement.  By utilizing our aggressive marketing and competitive bidding, a seller can sell their property quickly for fair market value knowing their property has been well advertised.  First, we market your property with a detailed, personalized and customized marketing campaign for 30-45 days.  Then, we let interested parties bid on your property through an online auction bidding format for 48 hours.  At the end of the auction we present you with the highest and best offer achieved for your property.  Many of our past clients have used our real estate auction services because of: